"Renew Your Lease on Life"

Integrated Detoxification and Regeneration

Program Designed and Facilitated by Daniel and Snow Reid

  Daniel and Snow Reid’s popular “Renew Your Lease on Life” integrated detox and regeneration program is the “fast lane” on the highway to health and longevity. The core program includes fasting and bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste, special cleansing and nutritional supplements, Snow’s hands-on deep tissue and healing energy work, internal and external magnesium therapy, organic High Mountain Oolong Tea from Taiwan, Tesla Innovational Technology, and post-fast “Break Fast” food with teachings on diet and supplements, food combining and food choices. Additional protocols such as personal health consultation and training in chi-gung body movement with Daniel, professional massage therapy, ear candle treatment, body brushing, electro-regenesis therapy, and Snow’s special “Water Heart/Fire Hand” multi-dimensional healing energy work are also included as circumstances permit.

Two options are available: a 7-day program and a 10-day program. Both begin with an orientation day that includes fasting, supplements, introductory protocols, but no bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste. The 7-day program then proceeds with five days of bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste and other protocols, plus one “Break Fast” day of fresh juice, probiotics, and teaching, while the 10-day program continues with seven days of bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste and other treatments, followed by two days of “Break Fast” protocols. Both options may be extended by 3-5 days, even after the program begins, as long as our supply of supplements, accommodations, and scheduling permit.

 This is an “open-house” program during which you may reserve your own preferred dates for either the 7-day or 10-day option, with no minimum number of clients required to do the program.  The earlier you reserve a place and pay the deposit, the better is  your chance of getting your preferred dates. For details regarding the location and accommodations for this program, please contact our assistant Sholto on our website:  www.danreid.org

Up-coming Programs: 

June 11th -  June 30th and 

July  10th -  July 30th, 2018

If you are "sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,"  then "Renew Your Lease on Life" is the solution for you. We have recently upgraded the program with new protocols and supplements, and you can read complete details about the Core Program here.

We offer your choice of 7-day or 10-day programs, including colon cleansing and clearing impacted obstructions from the bowel wall, bowel wall toning, and intensive liver flush.

 You may select your own preferred dates any time within the announced schedule times.  Groups of 5 or more persons may select dates for their own own private program, without inclusion of other clients.

Dates are limited to a maximum of 8 persons per day, so please book your preferred dates as early as possible. Reservations are taken on a first-come first-served basis.  You may secure your preferred dates with a 25% deposit paid at the time of booking.  Deposits are non-refundable, but if you wish to change your dates, you may apply the deposit to new dates any time within one year.  Payments must be made by direct transfer into Snow Reid's account.

Full payment must be received 15 days before your program begins to ensure availability of accommodations, facilities, and products.

Please contact Sholto at danreidorg@yahoo.com for further details on venue, hotel accommodation,  and payments, and to book dates for the program or ask questions.

 Seven-Day Program: 

Bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall

to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste & Liver Flush

 Day 1:  Arrival, Check-in, & Orientation
 Day 2:  Start fasting, supplements, & B
owel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste
 Day 3:  Continue…
 Day 4:  Continue…
 Day 5:  Start liver flush & heavy metal detox
 Day 6:  Continue…
 Day 7:  Break Fast, Recovery, Teaching Seminars

Additional services: one personal consultation with Daniel;
two 90-minute reflexology foot treatments; two Ajna Light
sessions (see below); all supplements; coconut water & carrot juice; organic break fast & recovery foods; all are
included in the package cost

Ten-Day Program: 

Bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall

to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste & Liver Flush

The same protocol the as the 7-day program, but you may choose 2 additional days of either

the bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall

to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste or the liver flush,

or 1 additional day of each. There is also 1 additional day of recovery & teaching seminar. 

“Ajna Light:”  This is a new treatment that we recently added to our program. The Ajna Light uses precisely calibrated pulses of high-frequency strobe light that entrains your brain waves to resonate at frequencies known to be associated with higher states of consciousness, such as delta, theta, gamma, and beta.
In addition, the Ajna enhances secretions and vibrations of the pineal gland, also known as the “Seat of the Soul.”  The Ajna Light is a visually beautiful and spiritually uplifting experience that clears the mind of stagnant mental & emotional energies and can awaken new insights into longstanding personal issues in your life.

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Integrated Detoxification and Regeneration
Program Designed and Facilitated by Daniel and Snow Reid


   Daniel and Snow Reid’s popular “Renew Your Lease on Life” integrated detox and regeneration program is the “fast lane” on the highway to health and longevity.  The core program includes fasting and bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste, special cleansing and nutritional supplements, Snow’s hands-on deep tissue and healing energy work, internal and external magnesium therapy, organic High Mountain Oolong  Tea from Taiwan, Tesla Innovational Technology, and post-fast  “Break Fast” food with teachings on diet and supplements, food combining and food choices.   Additional protocols such as personal health consultation and training in chi-gung body movement with Daniel, professional massage therapy, ear candle treatment, body brushing, electro-regenesis therapy, and Snow’s special “Water Heart/Fire Hand” multi-dimensional healing energy work are also included as circumstances permit.

Two options are available:  a 7-day program and a 10-day program. Both begin with an orientation day that includes fasting, supplements, introductory protocols, but no bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste.  The 7-day program then proceeds with five days of bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste and other protocols, plus one “Break Fast” day of fresh juice, probiotics, and teaching, while the 10-day program continues with seven days of bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste and other treatments, followed by two days of “Break Fast” protocols.   Both options may be extended by 3-5 days, even after the program begins, as long as our supply of supplements, accommodations, and scheduling permit.

The Core Program

   Therapeutic Fasting: A therapeutic fast is the centerpiece of the program, with fasts of 5-10 days duration. Longer fasts may also be arranged. Fasting is nature’s way of allowing the body to cleanse, detoxify, and heal itself. Fasting activates the body’s innate healing power and initiates its internal self-cleansing mechanisms. The natural cleansing and self-repair process triggered by fasting is further amplified by various additional protocols, including direct deep-tissue work on the bowel wall, special internal cleansing supplements, enzymes and probiotics, and Snow’s healing energy work.


   Regardless of what’s wrong with your health, fasting is always the first and foremost cure. If you are already in a state of good health, fasting is by far the most effective way to stay healthy and prevent the onset of disease. Fasting is the only method that has been scientifically proven to significantly extend the lifespan of all species. In clinical studies conducted on various animals, periodic fasting has been shown to prolong the lifespan by up to 50%. In humans that would mean living to the age of 120 rather than 80. Dr. Norman Walker, who fasted frequently and practiced raw juice therapy, lived to the age of 116 and remained active until the end of his life.

  無論您的健康狀況如何,斷食一直都是首要的治療方式。但如果您已處於健康狀態,斷食則是保持健康和預防疾病發生的最有效方法。除此之外,斷食也是經過科學證明,可以顯著延長所有物種壽命的唯一方式。在對各種動物進行的臨床研究中,也已經證明定期斷食可使壽命延長最高達50%。 以人類而言,這表示人可以活到120歲而不是80歲。諾曼·沃克博士經常斷食並進行蔬果原汁療法,他活到了116歲,並在過世之前一直保持活躍的生活。

   Our program uses the classic water fast, which has been practiced for healing since ancient times, enhanced with several pure internal cleansing and nutritional support supplements. We serve no juice, broth, or other food product during the course of the fast. Programs that include vegetable or fruit juice, cooked broth, or whole fruit are semi-fasts because any food consumed during a fast triggers digestive and metabolic responses that diminish the healing power of fasting. The full therapeutic benefits of fasting require that you abstain completely from ingesting all food—cooked or raw, liquid or solid. Only when given a total rest from digestive and metabolic activity does the body shift into the detoxification and self-cleansing mode and begin to heal and regenerate itself.


湯、或水果本身是屬於半斷食,因為在斷食期間所吃的任何食物,都會引發消化和代謝反應,進而降低斷食的治癒能力。想要擁有斷食的全部癒療好處,需要您完全戒除所有食物 --不管是生的、熟的、液體、或固體的食物。只有在消化和代謝活動完全得到休息時,身體才會轉變為排毒和自我淨化模式,並開始自我治療及再生。


   Other than water, the only things that enter the stomach during a fast in our programs are pure internal cleansing products and a few vitamin, mineral, and enzyme supplements, none of which activate the digestive system.

It takes seven days of fasting to purify the bloodstream, lymphatic system, and inter-cellular fluids, but five days are sufficient to dredge the colon of impacted toxic sludge, purge the liver of toxic bile, and eliminate most of the toxic residues and acid waste lodged in the other internal organs and tissues. Ten-day fasts allow a complete cleansing of the colon and bloodstream plus a three-day liver flush to clear the liver of toxic waste.






  Fasting usually trigger a catharsis known as a "healing crisis," which normally occurs sometime between the third and fifth day. This marks the point when the detox process reaches its peak intensity and enters the deepest layers of the tissues, which causes a massive excretion of toxic waste via the bloodstream, lungs, kidneys, and skin. Sometimes the healing crisis also results in the release of deep-seated negative emotional and mental energies, which are mostly stored in the abdominal organs. These dense negative energies are the root cause of many chronic diseases and degenerative conditions that don’t respond to conventional medical therapy.



   Renovating the Bowel Wall: During the course of the fast, each participant in the program receives an intensive, hands-on treatment of the bowel wall from Snow that focuses on loosening impacted mucoid waste matter from the folds of the colon, clearing out debris that has accumulated in the bowel, and toning the bowel wall where it has grown weak from long-term blockage from impacted waste. With more than 20 years experience working on the human bowel, Snow has developed the ability to precisely locate where within the bowel toxic wastes have become impacted and to loosen this dense waste matter from the bowel wall so that it can be excreted. Using her palms and fingertips, she gradually restores the tissue integrity of the bowel wall and restores normal peristaltic contractions that have long been impeded by impacted waste.


   In cases of extreme obstruction within the bowel due to accumulated hard waste matter, one or more colonic irrigation may be used to help clear the blockage before proceeding to the hands-on work on the bowel wall.



   Snow’s Healing Energy Work: During each treatment on the bowel wall, Snow uses what’s known in Chinese as chi nei-dzang (“internal-organ energy”) to work on the abdomen to stimulate and balance the functions of all the digestive organs and thereby enhance their capacity to assist in the natural detoxification and regeneration process that occurs during a fast.



   The lower abdomen is the seat of the dan-tien and functions as a storage battery and transformer in the human energy system. The lower abdomen is sometimes referred to in modern naturopathic medicine as the “second brain” because of the close functional connections between the digestive system and the brain, which are mediated by the vagus nerve. Therefore, detoxifying the digestive organs and rebalancing their energies can have profound effects on neurology and one’s state of mind. Snow’s hands-on healing energy work sometimes triggers various degrees of mental and emotional detox while she’s working on the abdomen. This provides profound healing benefits for the mind and a sense of emotional renewal and well being, and eliminates the root cause of many kinds of physical disease and mental malaise. All of this is part and parcel of the healing crisis that can occur during a therapeutic fast done in conjunction with deep healing work on the bowel and other abdominal organs.

  下腹部是「丹田」的所在之處。在人體能量系統中,它有蓄電池和變壓器的作用。在現代自然療法醫學中,下腹部有時被稱為“第二腦”,因為消化系統和大腦之間的密切功能連接是由迷走神經所傳導。因此,淨化消化器官和重新平衡它們的能量,對神經學和個人的心態健康而言,可以產生深遠的影響。 在Snow的徒手能量療程中,有時她在腹部進行治療時,


   Clients who wish to take this level of their healing process a few steps further may, if time allows, arrange for additional private treatments with Snow’s special “Water Heart/Fire Hand” energy work.



   Fasting Supplements: A variety of bowel cleansing products are taken four times daily during the course of the fast, separately from several nutritional supplements that are also taken four times per day. None of them activate the digestive system, and all of them support various aspects of the detoxification, cleansing, and healing process.

We generall use the following supplements in our program:




Psyllium Intestinal Cleanser: Psyllium powder is 100% natural vegetable fiber consisting of ground psyllium seeds and their husks. Combined with water, psyllium powder forms a gelatinous bolus that sweeps like a broom through stomach, small intestine, and colon, dissolving dry impacted mucus, collecting partially digested wastes, and dragging all the debris down and out of the bowels for excretion through the rectum.



Colloidal Bentonite Detoxificant: This is a fine colloidal clay water with a micro-molecular structure that allows it to penetrate the deepest layers of the tissues and cellular matrix. Bentonite has a negative charge which acts like a micro-magnet to binding with toxic molecules, which have a positive charge. This allows the molecular clay to draw toxic residues out from the deepest folds of the organs, glands, and other tissues, so they can be eliminated via the lymph, blood, and kidneys.



Magnesium Oxide Powder: When available, we often use magnesium oxide powder mixed with water for the first few days to purge residual waste matter from the bowel. It releases a large volume of oxygen into the bowel, which cleanses, detoxifies, and promotes rapid excretion of waste matter.



Green Superfood Supplements: We use spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, and/or barley grass powder from organic sources, either in capsule, tablet, or powder mixed in water. These supplements contains a lot of chlorophyll, which helps to purify the bloodstream and detoxify tissues. They also contain pure vegetable protein in the form of amino acids that do not require digestion and are easily assimilated in the body, as well as the full spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes required to regenerate new cells and provide complete nutritional support. This raw green superfood supplement assimilates directly into the bloodstream without requiring digestion in the stomach and therefore does not interfere with the internal cleansing and healing responses activated by fasting.




Natural Vitamin C: Extracted from pure natural sources, vitamin C provides continuous anti- oxidant activity in the tissues, assists the body’s self-cleansing response, and provides general nutritional support.



Digestive Enzyme Supplement: Taken during a fast, digestive enzymes pass through the stomach and travel down into the lower digestive tract, dissolving hardened mucus impacted in the bowel wall, processing partially digested food residues for excretion, destroying microbes, and helping process other toxic wastes for excretion. Digestive enzymes are especially effective for eliminating putrefactive protein, rancid fat, and fermented carbohydrates from within the folds of the digestive tract.



Tesla Innovational Technology: We use molecularly altered titanium plates made by Tesla Innovational Technology to transform negative electromagnetic radiation from cell phone towers, television and radio broadcasts, microwaves, wifi, and “dirty electricity” emitted by household wires and appliances in order to create an “electro-friendly” space conducive to the healing process. Snow is a certified agent for the company that makes these excellent products, so anyone interested in purchasing them for their cell phones, computers, and homes may do so through her. For details about the problem of electromagnetic radiation and the Tesla solution, you may read the article “Electromagnetic Energy Pollution” on Daniel website.

鈦斯拉創新科技:我們使用由鈦斯拉創新科技製造、經過分子改造的鈦板,來轉換來自手機信號塔、電視和無線電廣播、微波爐、wifi以及家用電線和電器發出的“髒電”負電磁輻射,以創造出一個「友好電磁」空間,以利於整體癒療過程。Snow是生產這些優質產品公司的認證代理商,因此有興趣想為自己手機、電腦、及居家環境改善電磁環境的人,都可以透過她購買。有關電磁輻射問題以及鈦斯拉解決方案的詳細訊息,請參閱Daniel網站上的<電磁能污染>(“Electromagnetic Energy Pollution”) 一文。


Magnesium and Bicarbonate: Magnesium is the single most important mineral required for the body's internal detoxification and self-cleansing mechanisms. It plays a central role in cellular energy production and serves as a catalyst in over 300 key enzymatic reactions throughout the body. It is also essential to the basic functions of both the nervous and endocrine systems.

We provide magnesium in the form of liquid magnesium chloride that may be added to drinking water throughout the day. Magnesium chloride is the form found in sea water and is easily assimilated and utilized by the body’s cells. Because the detox process utilizes a lot of magnesium, adding drops of liquid magnesium chloride to your drinking water greatly enhances all aspects of the detox and regeneration process during the program. Magnesium is assimilated even better transdermally through the skin, and we recommend rubbing liquid magnesium into the skin on a regular basis at home to insure sufficient supply of magnesium. When available, magnesium chloride bath crystals are used for daily hot water footbaths, which draw toxins out of the body through the feet, relax the nervous system, and allow elemental magnesium to be assimilated via the skin.


A packet of high-grade sodium bicarbonate (“baking soda”) is provided so you can add a pinch to your drinking water throughout the day. Bicarb helps maintain optimum pH (acid/alkaline) balance throughout the system during your fast and helps counteract excess acidity during the detox process



High Mountain Oolong Tea: Throughout the day during the course of the program, we provide freshly steeped organic High Mountain Oolong Tea from Taiwan, prepared the traditional way. This type of tea has numerous health benefits and supports every aspect of the internal cleansing and tissue detoxification process. Its alkalizing properties neutralize the acid residues drawn out from the tissues while fasting, and the volatile aromatics excreted through the lungs purge lung tissue of accumulated toxins from air pollution. The tea contains l-theonine, which calms the nervous system, elevates mood, and relieves mental fatigue. The delightful fragrance and floral flavor of High Mountain Oolong help relieve the monotony of fasting and add a pleasant highlight to the day.




“Break Fast” and Seminar: The last day of the 7-day program and the last two days of the 10-program are “Break Fast” days, during which we serve fresh vegetable juice, coconut water, and fruit to break the fast, plus a probiotic supplement to replenish bowel flora and get the bowels moving again. We also hold informal group discussions to provide general guidelines in proper food combining, food choices, diet preferences, and the correct use of herbal and nutritional supplements, and answer any questions you might have regarding these and related health topics



   Cost of hotel accommodations is included in the total price of the program, unless otherwise specified. If you prefer to make your own arrangements, the cost of the room may be deducted from the package price.


除非另有說明,否則酒店住宿費用包含在該課程的總價中。 如果您願意自行安排,房間的費用可從套裝價格中扣除。

   Additional Protocols: When circumstances permit, the Renew Your Lease on Life program includes all or some of the following protocols. Which additional protocols are included in each program are listed in the announcement for each program.


Personal Consultation: Each participant receives a private personal consultation of 90 minutes with Daniel. During this consultation, you may ask any questions you have about your personal health situation, and Daniel will provide you with suggestions for dealing with them, including curative and preventive treatments, herbal and nutritional supplements, and alternative therapies. You may also request specific guidelines for designing a viable personal health regimen that suits your individual lifestyle.

個人諮詢:每位參與者都會與Daniel進行90分鐘的私人諮詢。 在此次諮詢期間,您可以詢問有關您個人健康狀況的任何問題,Daniel將為您提供處理這些問題的建議,其中包括治療和預防性治療,草藥補充劑、營養補充劑以及替代療法。您也可以要求制定適合您個人生活方式、可行的個人健康管理方案的具體指導。

Body Movement & Breath Training: Throughout the course of the program, Daniel provides short training sessions in therapeutic body movements and rhythmic breath work drawn from traditional Chinese chi-gung forms. These simple movements are designed to stimulate the vital functions of internal organs, loosen joints and stretch tendons, relax muscles and nerves, and promote free and open circulation of blood, energy, and lymph throughout the body. Practiced for 20 minutes a day, these simple movements enhance the entire detox process and help regenerate and balance all vital functions.

身體運動和呼吸訓練:在整個課程中,Daniel 將提供簡短的課程,這些課程包括對身體具有療效的運動,以及從中國傳統氣功形式擷取而來的節奏性呼吸方式。這些簡單的動作,旨在刺激內臟器官的重要功能、鬆弛關節和伸展肌腱、放鬆肌肉和神經,以及促進全身血液、能量、和淋巴的自由開放循環。每天練習這些簡單的動作20分鐘,可以增強整體排毒過程,幫助恢復和平衡所有的重要功能。

Therapeutic Massage: Two or three therapeutic body massages are included in the package price of the course of the 7-day program, and five massages for the 10-day program. The massage treatment focuses on energy meridiens and vital points linked to the internal organs, in order to amplify the healing process and relieve the physical discomfort of detoxification.


Dry Skin Brushing: Each client should bring along a natural bristle bath brush to use for daily dry skin brushing, which works very well to stimulate drainage of the lymphatic channels. This can be done upon rising in the morning and before bed at night to accelerate rapid elimination of toxins. Brushes are available to purchase for those who do not bring their own.



The Ajna Light & Neuro Light: This new technology is the brainchild of Guy Harriman and is designed to boost neurological functions and balance brain wave frequencies and patterns. It’s also a very beautiful experience with profound benefits for brain health and cognitive functions. The devices, which have many different settings for specific applications, utilize strobe light precisely controlled by computerized programs built into the kit. The pulse and frequency settings of the strobes entrain brain waves to frequencies and wave patterns associated with higher states of consciousness and perfectly balanced neurological functions. The therapy also helps eliminate negative mental and emotional patterns and thereby provides a kind of “neuro-detox.” Sessions run about 15 minutes, during which you simply lie comfortably on your back with head on pillow, eyes closed, and enjoy a “light show” of brilliant color and geometric patterns. Two sessions are included with the package price, and more may be arranged at minimal cost.

「天眼光」(Ajna Light)和「神經光」(Neuro Light):這項新技術是蓋˙哈里曼的創意,旨在促進神經功能和平衡腦波頻率和模式。同時, 這也是一種非常美妙的體驗,而且對大腦健康和認知功能有深遠的益處。這些設備針對特定應用目的,設有許多不同模



Snow's "FireHand/Water-Heart” Energy Therapy: This treatment is only available to individuals who Snow feels are ready for it, and who are prepared to release negative mental and emotional energies locked deeply within their systems. These are often the root cause of chronic disease and degenerative conditions that do not respond to other treatments. These blockages accumulate over many years from unresolved issues arising from childhood or past-life traumas, and they become deeply embedded in the subconscious mind, where they influence in one’s personality and habitual behavior in life.

People with prior experience in meditation, spiritual practice, and healing energy work respond best to this treatment.



   Prior to the treatment, it is helpful take a hot bath with magnesium chloride and bicarbonate added to the water to lighten your toxic load, calm the nerves, and relax the muscular-skeletal framework of the body. This enhances your sensitivity to Snow's energy work and makes it easier for the body to release negative energies.


   In performing this therapy, Snow uses the compassionate "Water-heart" element of Guan Yin, Bodhisattva of Compassion, and the powerful transformative "Fire-hand" element of deity Shiva, and focuses them in the energy gate points in the palms of her hands, channeling the healing energy into the client’s energy field. Guan Yin and Shiva are the primary spiritual sources involved in Snow’s healing work, and she has received proper initiation for both.


   During the treatment, Snow’s hands are guided by vibrational resonance to the blocked channels and stagnant mental and emotional energy clots that are causing the client's disorders. The process often brings the client's core psychic issues from subconscious into conscious awareness. As the treatment proceeds, Snow’s hands clear blocked channels, dissolve clots of congested emotional and mental energy associated with past trauma, and rebalance the whole energy system in resonance with the pulse of radiant health. In some cases, results are immediate and dramatic, while in others a gentler, more gradual approach involving a series of shorter treatments is required.



Renew Your Lease on Life #2: Colon Cleanse & Liver Flush

  This special combination detox program begins with three days of fasting and colonic irrigation followed by three days of the classic liver and gall bladder flush protocol. The preliminary colon cleanse purges the bowels of residual feces, toxic waste, and mucoid debris in order to clear the way for the rapid and unimpeded elimination of toxic bile and cholesterol balls (“liver & gall stones”) purged from the liver and gall bladder by the flush protocol.




  While the colon serves as the body’s garbage disposal system for solid waste, the liver functions as the main filtration and detoxification system for the bloodstream.  With the rapidly growing presence of toxins in the bloodstream assimilated from food additives, impurities in water, chemical medicines, and environmental pollution, the liver becomes clogged with residual waste, inorganic chemicals, and toxic bile that block the intricate network of bile ducts and capillaries, thereby causing inflammation, congestion, and sluggish circulation within the liver tissues. This inhibits the liver’s capacity to detoxify and purify the bloodstream, resulting in a state of general toxemia throughout the body.  As the toxic load increases, energy production decreases and an overall state of chronic fatigue, metabolic imbalance, and impaired immunity prevails.   The only way to fix this problem is to clean the bloodstream’s filtration system and clear the bile ducts with a thorough liver flush.


腸道是身體處理固體廢棄物的垃圾處理系統 ,而肝的作用就是血液循環系統的主要過濾及排毒系統。因為食品添加物、不純淨的水質、化學藥物、以及環境污染等因素,越來越多的毒物都被吸收並出現在血液循環系統中,因此我們的肝臟被殘留廢棄物、無機化學製物、以及阻斷膽道及膽微血管所形成精密網絡的有毒膽汁所阻塞,肝臟組織因而出現發炎、阻塞、以及遲滯的循環。這種情形會抑制肝臟排毒及淨化血液循環系統的功能,最後導致全身的一般性毒血情況。隨著毒物量的增加,我們不但活力減少,並且會出現全面性的長期疲勞、新陳代謝不平衡、以及免疫力降低的狀況。要想解決這個問題的唯一方式就是清理血液循環的過濾系統,並且透過清肝程序來清理膽道。


  The three day colon cleanse involves fasting in conjunction with psyllium, bentonite, and nutrient  cleansing supplements, plus daily colonic irrigation, as in our signature 10-day detox program. For the liver flush, ½ cup of virgin organic olive oil is blended with 1 cup of fresh citrus juice (lemon, lime, and/or grapefruit) and ½ tsp of cayenne powder. This emulsion is drunk each night at bedtime.   The combination of olive oil and citrus goes straight to the liver and activates a swift purge of the toxic bile and cholesterol that clog the bile ducts and other channels within the liver.  This waste matter is then eliminated in the form of sticky compact balls of cholesterol and bile commonly known as “gallstones” and “liver stones,” which are rapidly shuttled into the colon via the bile duct.




  Dozens and sometimes hundreds of these compact wads of toxic waste from the liver and gall bladder can be purged in a single flush, so it is very important to first cleanse the bowel in order to allow rapid, unimpeded elimination of this toxic waste through the colon, without clogging the bowel along the way.   To insure complete excretion, a saline solution of 1 tsp (5 grams) of sea salt mixed into 1 liter of pure water is drunk rapidly first thing the next morning in order to initiate a complete purge of the bowel and elimination of all residual toxic waste.   During the day, fresh vegetable juice or a green “power food” supplement is served in order to provide energy and enzymes to sustain the detoxification process in the liver.




  On the last day, after the third liver flush and saline purge, a variety of fresh raw vegetable juice, fruit, and coconut water is served to restart the digestive system and restore energy.  For maximum benefit, we suggest that you stay for an additional day or two of rest and restoration after completion of the colon cleanse and liver flush program.



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   Price and Payment Policy:

  The total price for the core Renew Your Lease on Life integrated detoxification and regeneration program includes colonic irrigation equipment and service, all fasting supplements, magnesium, tea, “break fast” products, and Snow’s hands-on healing work during colonic sessions.  Additional charges are added for massage, consultation & training, electro-regenesis therapy, and other services and products, when included in the program. The price for each program varies, depending on our own costs, the location of the program, and fees required for massage and other services. The package price for each program, and the services included, will be announced  each time a program is scheduled.

  We have a strict policy requiring clients to pay the full price of the booked program in advance. Additional days booked after a program begins may be paid on a daily basis. There are two reasons for this policy. First, experience has shown that a client who has not paid in advance will sometimes quit the program after the first or second day, due to the discomfort of detox and/or reluctance to deal with  emotional and mental dimensions of the detox process. Because all products for these programs are purchased in advance, rooms are booked, and therapists’ fees are pre-paid, based on advance bookings, early quitters cause a considerable loss of time, money, and resources. Pre-payment avoids such loss.

  Second, we find that clients who fully pay in advance are much less likely to drop out during the course of the program. Instead they endure the initial discomforts and complete the program as planned. The pre-payment policy thus serves as insurance to protect the interests of both the organizers and the participants in these programs.

Payment by bank transfer into one of our accounts is preferred, and these must be made at least three weeks in advance of the program. We currently cannot accept payment by credit.

  Please note that cash payments in US$, for those who prefer not to wire transfer payment, are to be made on the first day of the program with no exceptions.

  More Information

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