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Articles by Daniel Reid
Health & Healing
The Case for Medical Marijuana in Australia
A matter of public health and welfare
High Mountain Oolong and The Chinese Art of Tea
The Art & Health Benefits of Tea, Chinese High Mountain Oolong style​
Tea Tidings Newsletter
In conjunction with Oolong-Tea.Org Daniel Reid authors the "Tea Tidings" Newsletter, the definitive guide to the world of High Mountain Oolong Tea​
Electro-magnetic Energy Pollution
Dangers of artificial electromagnetic fields & radiation from mobile phones & towers, and the effective solution​
"Detox: The Universal Cure"
Spa Asia Magazine 2005
Magnesium and Crystal Therapy
Protocols for "Magnum" Magnesium and Crystal Therapy
Renew Your Lease on Life
The Integrated Detoxification and Regeneration Program
Therapeutic Fasting & Colonic Irrigation
What, Why, How & Who - The Basics
The Kitchen Clinic
Cooking with Chinese Medicinal Herbs
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Nurturing health and longevity with medicinal herbs
Spiritual Cultivation
"Be Here Now"
Perfecting The Practice of Presence
Practice Makes Perfect:
Common Grounds in the Practice Paths of Chuan Chen Tao and Dzog Chen Dharma
The Wheel of Life
Daniel Reid's memoirs of his time with John Blofeld
Jom Ratchan: Shiva's Voice in Northern Thailand
A personal encounter with a hindu deity channeling oracle
A Tribute to Patrick Yang

"He Did It His Way"

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