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Daniel Reid and friends' website dedicated to the wonderful world of High Mountain Oolong (Wu-long) Teaand Traditional Chinese Tea Arts

Tao / Chinese Wisdom

Master Wu

Daniel's Friend-in-Tao Master Wu is a dedicated practitioner of many of the ancient wisdom traditions of China including chi gung, martial arts, Chinese medicine, Yijing science, Chinese calligraphy, and ancient Chinese music. He has studied with some of the best teachers in these fields.

Also, you may be interested to read Daniel's Tea Tidings Newsletter Issue #7 which features Waster Wu's calligraphy and music as well as Daniel's Foreword to Master Wu's latest book.


Magnesium is the single most important mineral for maintaining proper electrical balance and facilitating smooth metabolism in the cells of the human body, for cellular detoxification and tissue purification, and as a powerful cellular cleanser.

Chinese Herbs: Acuneeds

Suppliers of traditional Chinese herbal formulas as well as single herbs, produced by the most reputable herbal medicine makers in China and Taiwan.


Photographer, filmmaker, moving image artist Christian Janzen

The herb of longevity: Lingzi mushroom

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