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Daniel Reid

Daniel Reid is a bestselling author and a leading expert on eastern philosophy and medicine. He has written numerous books and magazine articles on various aspects of Asian self-health and self-healing practices, and has established an international reputation for the practical efficacy of his traditional approach to modern health problems.

Daniel Reid was born in 1948 in San Francisco and spent his childhood in East Africa. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley in 1970, and a Masters of Arts degree in Chinese Language and Civilization at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 1973, Reid moved to Taiwan, where he spent 16 years studying and writing about various aspects of

traditional Chinese culture, focusing particularly on Chinese medicine and ancient Taoist health and longevity systems.

In 1989, he relocated to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he continued his research and writing until 1998, when he immigrated with his wife Snow to the Byron Bay region of Australia. In 2017, they moved back to Chiang Mai, where they now make their home.

Snow Reid

Snow Reid (Jou Tung) has been studying human health and healing protocols since 1991, when she moved from Taiwan to Chiang Mai, Thailand, to join Daniel Reid. They were married there in 1992.

For two years she worked as an assistant at Chiang Mai’s best Chinese herbal dispensary, Ji An Tang, where she helped blend herbal formulas at the counter and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine with the resident physician, Dr. Wang. During her time in Chiang Mai, she studied the major Chinese texts used for centuries in China to teach TCM and learned basic TCM protocols from Daniel, based on the books he’s written on Chinese health and healing systems, as well as his methods of detoxification and regeneration of the digestive system with fasting and colonic irrigation.

In 1995, Snow began developing her own system of whole-body detox, combining fasting and colonic irrigation, hands-on deep-tissue body work, and healing energy protocols drawn from TCM. Her healing energy work evolved on the basis of her ongoing chi-gung and meditation practice and has grown progressively more powerful over the years, giving her the ability to identify and clear negative mental and emotional energies in the clients who do her detox programs. All of these protocols have become part of Snow’s signature healing program known as “Renew Your Lease on Life.”

After moving to Byron Bay, Australia, in 1998, Snow and Daniel began conducting their Renew Your Lease on Life integrated detox and

regeneration program on a professional basis at resort hotels in Bali and Thailand, and later in Dali in western Yunnan, China. Over the years, Snow has continued to fine-tune her healing techniques and amplify her power to heal the human system on all three levels of body, energy, and mind by virtue of her ability to locate the root sources of human

health problems and correct imbalances in the human energy system by transfer of healing energy through her hands. Snow’s hands-on healing energy work is known as “Fire Hand, Water Heart Healing” and is based on a combination of psychic vision developed by decades of meditation and mantra practice and channeling healing energy through her heart chakra, guiding it with focused intent to the root causes of health problems in a person’s body, and transferring it into the recipient’s system through her hands. Snow’s primary spiritual source is Guan Yin, Bodhisattva of Compassion.

She now lives in Chiang Mai again with Daniel, where she continues to develop her healing abilities.



The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity:
A Modern Practical Guide to the Ancient Way

With a detailed introduction to the ancient philosophical, ethical, and religious Chinese practice of Taoism, The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity is a unique, comprehensive, and practical self-help guide to live a balanced and positive Taoist lifestyle.
Written by a Westerner for the Western mind, The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity is perfect for the modern reader interested in exploring the balanced and holistic health care system used by Chinese physicians, martial artists, and meditators for over 5,000 years.
Drawing on his extensive personal experience and research from original sources, author Daniel Reid covers all aspects of the healthy Taoist lifestyle, delivering concise information and instruction on diet and nutrition, fasting, breathing and exercise, sexual health, medicine, and meditation. Featuring helpful charts and illustrations, The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity makes the ancient practice easier to understand and more applicable to modern

Western audience than ever before.

Simon & Schuster UK Ltd (July 15, 1989) Paperback 406 pages ISBN 0-7434-0907-8

The Tao of Detox: The Secrets of Yang-Sheng Dao

Despite the wonders of modern medicine, the state of human health throughout the world is eroding at an alarming rate. The long-term accumulation of toxins and acid waste in our bodies--both from the chemically contaminated air we breathe and water we drink as well as the toxins we ingest in the form of low quality food, preservatives, and additives--damages our organs, corrodes our joints and arteries, enervates our nervous system, and inhibits our immune system. Chronic pain and fatigue, hypertension and heart failure, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, indigestion, insomnia, and even acne, are all caused by the long-term accumulation of toxins in our bodies. 
In The Tao of Detox Daniel Reid combines traditional Eastern practices and the latest of modern Western thinking to offer detoxification methods that can repair in as little as seven to ten days much of the long-term damage done. He provides breathing exercises, massage techniques, and soft exercises such as yoga and tai chi that help the body to heal itself. He also

explains the importance of “rational retoxification,” which allows the careful reintroduction of less healthy substances, and offers ways to counteract those toxins we can’t--or don’t want to--avoid, including alcohol and tobacco. Reid explains that, just as we care for our cars with regular tune-ups, by practicing periodic detox as well as “rational retox,” we can enjoy long and healthy lives and still be able to “eat, drink, and be merry.”

Healing Arts Press Publishing 1 edition (October 25, 2006) Paperback 336 pages​ ISBN-10: 1594771421/ISBN-13: 978-1594771422

A Handbook of Chinese Healing Herbs: An Easy-to-Use Guide to 108 Chinese Medicinal Herbs and Dozens of Prepared Herbal Formulas

Traditional Chinese medicine is perhaps the oldest system of health care in the world—and one of the safest and most effective. This first easy-to-use pocket guide provides everything readers need to know to explore Chinese herbal medicine for themselves. The book includes: 
   •  A brief overview of the basic terms and concepts of traditional Chinese medicine. 
   •  Simple instructions on how to prepare herbal formulas at home. 
   •  An illustrated guide to 108 of the most widely used Chinese herbs, with descriptions, therapeutic effects, preparation methods, and dosages. 
   •  A guide to dozens of readily available prepared herbal formulas for common ailments. 
   •  An index of symptoms and ailments. 
   •  Listings of mail-order houses for herbs, herbal formulas, and other supplies. 
   •  Suggestions for further reading.

Shambhala Publishing 1st edition (August 1, 1995) Paperback 336 pages

ISBN-10: 1570620938/ISBN-13: 978-1570620935

The Art and Alchemy of Chinese Tea

The fine art of preparing and drinking tea has become a hallmark of Chinese civilization, handed down through the ages in China by monks and martial artists, doctors and hermits, emperors and alchemists. In his latest book, Daniel Reid explores Chinese tea in its manifold varieties, its long and colorful historical development in China, and its refinement as a mainstay of Chinese culture.He describes the principles that lie at the heart of tea culture in China, the potent medicinal properties of Chinese tea, and how to cultivate Cha Dao, the Daoist way of tea, in daily life. A central section of the book explores for the first time the alchemy of Chinese tea, an esoteric aspect of Chinese tea culture that remains unexplored by modern science but was known and cultivated in ancient China. Jin Dan, the `golden elixir of life' is the elusive essence that resides dormant within tea (as in some other plants and minerals) and can be extracted, activated and transferred to the human system to protect health, prolong life, and enhance mental performance. The author looks at how and why this

works, and explains the chemical transformations that take place as well as explaining the energetic transfer that takes place when tea is prepared by a Master.

Illustrated with many photographs, by Christan Janzen, the book contains detailed descriptions of many Chinese tea varieties, especially the High Mountain Oolong Tea of Taiwan, which is considered by many to be the pinnacle of perfection in both the art and alchemy of Chinese tea. The book also contains entertaining tea anecdotes from the author's 'Tea Tidings' bulletin, and a useful glossary of Chinese tea terms.

Tea lovers, as well as those with an interest in tea culture, the Dao, and Chinese history and culture, will find this book an absorbing and revelatory read.

Singing Dragon; 1 edition (November 15, 2011) Hardcover 240 pages ISBN-10: 1848190867/ISBN-13: 978-1848190863


"Renew Your Lease on Life"

Integrated Detoxification and Regeneration

Program Designed and Facilitated by Daniel and Snow Reid

  Daniel and Snow Reid’s popular “Renew Your Lease on Life” integrated detox and regeneration program is the “fast lane” on the highway to health and longevity. The core program includes fasting with bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste, special cleansing and nutritional supplements, Snow’s hands-on deep tissue and healing energy work, internal and external magnesium therapy, organic High Mountain Oolong Tea from Taiwan, Tesla Innovational Technology, and post-fast “Break Fast” food with teachings on diet and supplements, food combining and food choices. Additional protocols such as personal health consultation and training in chi-gung body movement with Daniel, professional massage therapy, ear candle treatment, body brushing, electro-regenesis therapy, and Snow’s special “Water Heart/Fire Hand” multi-dimensional healing energy work are also included as circumstances permit.

Two options are available: a 7-day program and a 10-day program. Both begin with an orientation day that includes fasting, supplements, introductory protocols, but no bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste. The 7-day program then proceeds with five days of bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste and other protocols, plus one “Break Fast” day of fresh juice, probiotics, and teaching, while the 10-day program continues with seven days of bowel cleansing and deep toning of the bowel wall to restore optimal excretion of digestive waste and other treatments, followed by two days of “Break Fast” protocols. Both options may be extended by 3-5 days, even after the program begins, as long as our supply of supplements, accommodations, and scheduling permit.

 This is an “open-house” program during which you may reserve your own preferred dates for either the 7-day or 10-day option, with no minimum number of clients required to do the program.  The earlier you reserve a place and pay the deposit, the better is  your chance of getting your preferred dates. For details regarding the location and accommodations for this program, please contact our assistant Sholto on our website:

Visit [] for more information.


Up-coming Programs: 

To be announced

If you are "sick and tired of feeling sick and tired,"  then "Renew Your Lease on Life" is the solution for you. We have recently upgraded the program with new protocols and supplements, and you can read complete details about the Core Program here.

We offer your choice of 7-day or 10-day programs, including colon cleansing and clearing impacted obstructions from the bowel wall, bowel wall toning, and intensive liver flush.

 You may select your own preferred dates any time within the announced schedule times.  Groups of 5 or more persons may select dates for their own own private program, without inclusion of other clients.

  Cost: US$4600 per person for the 7-day program and US$6400 for the 10-day program, inclusive of bowel cleanse and bowel wall toning, all supplements, new Ajna & Neuro Light neurological therapy , Snow's hand's-on healing energy work, High Mountain Oolong Tea, personal consultation with Daniel, basic Chi-Gung training, and "BreakFast" after completion of the cleanse.

Dates are limited to a maximum of 8 persons per day, so please book your preferred dates as early as possible. Reservations are taken on a first-come first-served basis.  You may secure your preferred dates with a 25% deposit paid at the time of booking.  Deposits are non-refundable, but if you wish to change your dates, you may apply the deposit to new dates any time within one year.  Payments must be made by direct transfer into Snow Reid's account.

Full payment must be received 15 days before your program begins to ensure availability of accommodations, facilities, and products.

Please contact Sholto at for further details on venue, hotel accommodation,  and payments, and to book dates for the program or ask questions.


(Tim Shaddock - 5/4/2019 Chinese New Year - the Pig)

"My journey into natural health included both morbid obesity and a terminal cancer diagnosis after a corporate city lifestyle in information technology. I am so grateful for all the past and future masters that have assisted in my current wellness, both of feeling my youth and strength again after half a century of this life, coupled with the extraordinary Taoist immortal turn around which raised my perception of human potential exponentially . My journey also included a deep and long sabbatical in nature over the years for me to somehow integrate this healing mystery.


Dan Reid's mastery has uniquely bridged the East and West with a great depth of practice both rare and necessary in these challenging of times of human and environmental health being exposed by Western culture.  The mysteries of the human bio electric field and its healing application through Chinese medicine has required such a lifetime and labour of love, especially in the old Chinese language and the true old ideogram written form, in order for us to more deeply translate and apply this work in between the lines of our English 'Spell-ing' (pun intended) :-) 


More recently I'm so extremely grateful to share a form of Qi Gong practice with Dan personally and also read his latest memoirs written with the truth and poetry of experience that makes the book quite difficult to close and take a breath. I have also enjoyed a few belly laughs with his latest book :-) . 


And so it is with this testimonial that I recommend anyone to apply this work through books or workshops. So much further depth can be felt between the lines of our English and it is so rare to find deep practical experience bridging this gap. 


With wishes of BIG Qi, deep peace and joyful health, yours, Tim Shaddock."

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